When Do Air Conditioner Need More Refrigerants?

The efficiency of your air conditioner is a key factor in the overall comfort you experience at home. The warmer months would be hard to bear without an air conditioner. During the hotter months, many people are concerned that their air conditioning will not be able to keep their homes comfortable.

Homeowners frequently wonder how to tell if their air conditioner needs more refrigerant. Air conditioners rely on refrigerants to function efficiently. Your air conditioner will not work properly if the refrigerant levels are too low, affecting your comfort and cool factor at home and damaging your air conditioner in the long run.

The Role of Refrigerant in your Air Conditioner

The air conditioner circulates the refrigerant, drawing in warm air and expelling it outside. The heat in the air is transferred to the refrigerant as it travels over the cold coil, leaving only cold air to enter the residence. The liquid refrigerant turns into a frigid gas. After cooling the compressor, the cycle repeats with the cold gas refrigerant.

Signs That your AC Needs more Refrigerant

Ice Buildup

Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil will get excessively cold when freon levels are low, resulting in a reverse refrigerant flow in the form of a cold liquid.

The surrounding moisture on the refrigerant line will freeze as a result. When this happens, you need to add Freon to your system. If this is the case, you should immediately consult ductless air conditioning in Clermont, FL.

Refrigerant is Leaking

There is probably a leak in the refrigerant line if your air conditioner is short on refrigerant. A subpar contractor would try to solve the issue by just adding additional refrigerant.

Repairing the leak and adding more refrigerant is the correct procedure for fixing a refrigerant leak. If no more leaks appear once this is rectified, you don’t need any additional refrigerant.

Energy Bills have Gone Up

Your thermostat will sense that it’s not as cool as it may be inside your home and will thus assume that the air conditioner has to be on for longer. Many things could cause your electric bill to go up, but if you also have any of the above problems, it’s probably because your air conditioner has low refrigerant.

Insufficient Charging

Another possibility is that your system does not have enough refrigerant because it was not placed with enough during the initial assembly.

In this instance, more refrigerant will need to be added, but further additions should not be necessary unless a leak develops in the system. For this and other reasons, hiring AC repair in Clermont is vital for all your AC maintenance and installation needs.

How can Regular Maintenance help Maintain Refrigerant Levels?

Saving money on electricity costs and avoiding costly breakdowns are two obvious benefits of keeping up with your air conditioner’s maintenance. Experts in air conditioning maintenance know to diagnose and fix any problems plaguing your system.

When professionals inspect your refrigerant as part of routine maintenance, they can catch minor concerns before they balloon into major ones. If the levels are low or there is a leak, it should be serviced as soon as possible. Maintaining your air conditioner at the suggested service intervals will keep it running at peak efficiency.


If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, don’t hesitate to call Enginair Air & Refrigeration for help. Stay cool and comfortable all summer long with the help of our experienced technicians, who are committed to providing you with honest and efficient air conditioning repair in Clermont, FL. Ring us at (407) 544-2113 for more information.