Ductless HVAC Services In Clermont, FL

Ductless HVAC Services In Clermont, Winter Garden, Windermere, FL and Surrounding Areas

Ductless systems are favored by homeowners and have grown in popularity over the last few years. They are meant to heat or cool a particular section of the home. They are highly efficient and yet simply designed, making them highly adaptable and easy to operate.

If you are thinking about installing a ductless system, be sure to contact Enginair Air & Refrigeration for quality services. With many years of experience and service to many clients, we provide quality installation from a qualified team of technicians at competitive rates.


Unlike duct-based HVAC systems, ductless HVAC systems use a three-inch hole in the wall for installation. Furthermore, ductless heat pumps are an excellent choice for heating and cooling a home or office as they reduce energy costs.

Looking for HVAC services for your ductless air conditioning in Clermont, FL? Enginair Air & Refrigeration can provide you with the best services related to ductless air conditioning in Clermont, FL. Whether it’s leaky ductwork or repairing a broken internal component, our experts can resolve all your ductless HVAC issues to provide better quality indoor air and optimal system performance.

If you are facing a ductless HVAC problem, contact the most dependable HVAC contractors in Clermont, FL, Enginair Air & Refrigeration. Our team will do their best to resolve the problem promptly and effectively.

Our Ductless HVAC Services Includes

  • Ductless Service
  • Ductless Repair
  • Ductless Installation
  • Ductless Replacement
  • Ductless Maintenance
  • Ductless Tune-Up

Signs That Your Ductless HVAC System Needs Servicing

Poor Airflow from the System Outlet

When the amount of air emitted by your AC vent is less, the compressor might be the source of the problem. If some portions of the house are cooler than the others, there might be an issue with the ducting, such as leaking or incorrect duct size. If you’re having trouble with one of these problems, seek help from an AC specialist immediately.

Temperature Accuracy Issues

There are times when your air conditioner’s cooling function is good, but the temperature is not precise. Even if the thermostat is set to a specific temperature, it may be wrong by 3-5 degrees. The thermostats might be the source of this problem, and you should get them recalibrated, repaired, or replaced as soon as possible.

Excessive Moisture

Moisture on your windows and leaking are signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. Leakage in your basement can happen in one of two ways.

The leaking liquid might be a dangerous refrigerant, or the chemicals are dangerous to your family’s health and might cause dangerous health conditions.

Many times, an AC tune-up will resolve this. In this case, contact our AC specialists as soon as possible.

What Are Some Problems You Can Encounter When Using Your Ductless Air Conditioner? Let's Find Out

  • Controls that are not working properly: You can have an electrical problem or a faulty reversing valve.
  • The buildup of ice: Condensation can accumulate on a filthy evaporator coil’s surface, causing it to freeze. Ice can bend the coil to the point that it must be replaced.

  • AC Output has been reduced: A refrigerant leak might be detected if the cooling output is low or non-existent. Your ductless mini-split will essentially be a fan without the ability to cool.

  • Increasing electric bills: A ductless air conditioner must work overtime to push cold air past the obstructions blocking airflow. Increased workload leads to higher energy expenses.

  • Grinding noises: A ductless AC motor’s bearings might deteriorate over time. Grinding noises are caused by increased friction. Over time, the motor may overheat and fail.

  • Variations in performance: A ductless air conditioner that has been properly maintained will give consistent cooling. Different scenarios might cause inconsistency in performance, but you can be sure something is wrong.

Experts Provide Hassle-Free and Effective HVAC Services

Our experts are known for providing highly effective HVAC services to provide all-around cooling in your home and save space to make your home look beautiful and uncluttered. We also provide effective heat pump installation in Clermont, FL. If you need heat pump installation or any other services related to ductless HVAC systems, contact our experts today!

Best In Industry Services for Ductless Air Conditioning In Clermont, FL

When your ductless air conditioning system breaks down, the sooner you have it fixed, the lower your monthly expenses will be and the sooner you can return to your comfort.

The important thing here is that this only applies if you get repairs done by a skilled technician. Only a professional will have the tools, abilities, and knowledge needed to restore your ductless system, whereas a DIY effort or amateur repair is more likely to cause severe damage.

Furthermore, professionals can assist you in evaluating your home’s environment and recommending ways to improve your interior comfort.

For effective HVAC services, contact Engineair Air and Refrigeration! Our HVAC contractors in Clermont, FL, and the surrounding areas are known for their professionalism and expertise. Reach out to us now by calling us at (407) 544-2113.

Why Should You Use Our Services?

Available at all Times

We offer round-the-clock service to all of our customers since ductless HVAC problems do not occur during regular business hours. Regardless of the day or time, we are always here to assist you.

Free Professional Advice and Quotations

You can get a free quote on our professional services. Contact us for an expert opinion without worrying about additional fees.

Services That are Reasonably Priced

Enginair Air & Refrigeration provides low-cost ductless services. We provide competitive rates without losing service quality. Furthermore, you can rely on us for any repairs you want with our low-cost ductless services.

Excellent Machinery

Our services show our professionalism because our tools are of high-grade performance and are sourced from well-known and reliable manufacturers.

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