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Both furnaces and heat pumps will heat your home but in different ways. A heat pump takes heat from the air outside and converts it into a hot gas used to heat your home. A furnace operates by lighting a burner in a combustion chamber with a fuel source, most often natural gas. For many reasons, electric heat pumps are now becoming increasingly popular.

Heat Pump

They’re incredibly energy-efficient, allowing you to keep your house warmer while using less energy. They’re environmentally friendly since they don’t generate any heat by burning fuel, and are better for the environment. They are also adaptable, operating at full capacity even at temperatures below freezing in most conditions. A heat pump system may be used in almost any home with central heating.

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Heat Pump Installation Clermont FL

Do you want to save money on your energy costs? Consider installing a heat pump.

Our experts who perform heat pump installation Clermont FL provide complete installation services, start to finish. Whether it’s retrofitting your house with a new system or putting in a new heat pump after your present one has surpassed its useful lifespan, you can count on our experts to provide your home with the reliable heating system it requires.

Heat pump installations can be an expensive project and require a lot of attention to detail. If you choose to hire us as your heat pump installer, we will make sure that every step is taken correctly and done properly so that your system works for years to come.

When installing a new HVAC system, there are many factors that go into deciding what type of unit best suits your needs; but if you want peace of mind when it comes to protecting yourself against weather extremes and other issues related to heating and cooling systems, then choosing one with electric heating or cooling capabilities may be ideal for you!

We’ll take care of everything from start-to-finish so that everything goes smoothly during this process (and hopefully before too long). We have equipment available for best delivery of the services at a fair price.

Heat Pump Repair Clermont FL

If your heat pump stops operating correctly, you’ll need to get it repaired by a professional. Because these devices are so intricate, it is nearly impossible for anybody without considerable knowledge and the appropriate tools to fix them effectively.

Poor repairs can result in a decreased lifetime for your appliance and increased energy use, resulting in higher energy bills. Rather than taking the chance, let our heat pump repair experts Clermont FL handle the situation for you. We can address any issue you’re having and provide service for all major brands and types of equipment.

Heat pumps are a great way to heat your home. When your heat pump isn’t working properly, you may notice that the temperature inside your house is not as warm as it should be, or that you might have problems with humidity control.
Fortunately, there are several things you can do to get help with these problems and keep yourself comfortable while saving money on energy bills.

If you have any questions about our Clermont heat pump repair services or would like more information about what we offer, call us today! We offer a full range of services for all types of heat pumps, including: -Heat pump repair, Installation of new systems, and replacement.

Heat Pump Replacement Clermont FL

If you require heat pump replacement Clermont FL, have one of our HVAC experts assist you in selecting the appropriate replacement unit for your home.

If an outdated heat pump keeps breaking down, replacement is the most cost-effective solution. When your heat pump hits the end of its useful life, it’s time to replace it to save money on energy and improve your interior environment. A heat pump is a device that moves heat from one place to another. It does not produce its own heat, but rather it simply transfers the thermal energy from one location to another.

The most common applications for heat pumps are in residential homes, where they provide efficient cooling in the summertime and warm air during the winter months. There are three main components of a refrigeration system:

  • The compressor: This component compresses refrigerant (which is generally natural gas) into a high-pressure vapour; this allows for more free refrigeration capacity than traditional systems can provide on their own.
  • The compressor also provides power when needed by turning on an electric motor attached to it, via an electrical cable running through your house wiring system or over an underground line.
  • Condenser: Located at the top of this device’s evaporator coil housing unit (ECU), this part cools down any water coming out onto its surface.

If you are experiencing heating problems or are looking for a new heating solution, call us today at (407) 544-2113.
Our expert team of HVAC professionals can help you with all your heating needs. We will provide an exceptional service from beginning to final delivery of the service to meet your expectations!

Checklist to Follow Before Installing a Heat Pump

  • Look for a Suitable Company: Your heat pump installation should be done by a company with a valid business license for appropriate trades to be eligible for rebates. Contact Enginair Air & Refrigeration for the best heat pump services Clermont FL.

  • Request the Calculations: Once you book our services, we’ll perform a heat loss calculation before deciding on equipment. If you have a central air-to-air heat pump, make sure the heating ducts have return air and are large enough to supply enough heat to all of the rooms. This would also be a good time to see if you need to upgrade your electrical service.

  • The Inspection: A thorough inspection of your property will precede any installation. It will allow our specialists to write a report with recommendations and possibly give you an estimate of how much money you could save. For the best heat pump services and furnace replacement in Clermont, FL contact Enginair Air & Refrigeration.

Our technicians will consider your heating needs, the size of your property, the amount of installation within the home, how you want heat distributed (underfloor heating, radiators, etc.), and other factors. Detailed drawings of the rooms in your home might aid the installers in completing the job as quickly as feasible.

Heat Pump Services Includes


  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Replacement
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Tune-Up

Tips For Maintaining a Heat Pump

If adequately maintained, heat pumps can last for 20+ years with little maintenance. You can do the following maintenance to ensure that the unit functions properly:

  • Filters should be cleaned or replaced
  • The coils and fans should be clean
  • Ensure that debris does not obstruct proper airflow
  • Clean the property’s supply and return registers
  • Turn the unit off and inspect or clean the fan blades

Make sure to contact a professional for regular maintenance and tune-ups—Enginair Air & Refrigeration can help!

Schedule Timely Heat Pump Repair and Other Services in Clermont, FL

Our experienced HVAC experts take pride in providing knowledgeable, high-quality heat pump services. Whether your current heat pump needs to be fixed when it breaks down or you need heat pump installation Clermont FL, for energy-efficient comfort, you can rely on us.

Due to our experience, we pay close attention to the smallest details to ensure that the task is completed and nothing is left out. It amounts to longer-lasting repairs, improved new systems, and an overall better experience.

Your heat pump system is about more than simply comfort; it is also about the safety of your family and household. Malfunctions in these units can cause property damage and can be a hazard to your health. As a result, it’s vital to contact Enginair Air & Refrigeration for assistance in keeping your system functioning effectively and safely!

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If you need HVAC maintenance or heat pump installation Clermont FL, we will change the service schedule to suit your convenience because, ultimately, it is your decision that counts. We provide a full range of HVAC services for residential and commercial premises.

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Since building trust with our clients is vital; we place a premium on providing exceptional services at rates that support that trust. We have more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, which is how we have successfully provided high-quality heating and air conditioning service.

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They complete their tasks with the utmost cleanliness and within the allotted time frame. For clients who need emergency assistance right away, we provide round-the-clock coverage.

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We promise that our technicians will be on their best behavior throughout the visit to your home. They have never caused problems for our customers because they are always on time for their duties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A heat pump is an affordable, highly effective HVAC equipment that can keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A heat pump delivers the heat from the outside to our house. By moving warm interior air outside, the heat pump can also provide cooling.

Types of Heat Pumps:

  • Air source: Air source heat pumps work well in temperate regions and are inexpensive to install.
  • Water source: Heat is dissipated through the water rather than air.
  • Ground source: These use thermal energy that is stored underground.

Sub-types of heat pumps


  • Hybrid heat pump: Two types of hybrid systems can be used in temperatures ranging from very hot in the summer to very cold in the winter.
  • Ground & air source heat pump combo
  • Heat pump and gas/oil boiler combo
  • Solar heat pump: They heat and cool your home using a solar, geothermal system.

Absorption or gas-fired heat pumps: These systems are more frequently used in industrial applications.

Before heat pump installation Clermont FL, you should consider these points too:

  • It's likely a good idea to retire your heating system too.
  • For the winter, a heat pump might not be adequate.
  • Ductwork is not necessary.

Heat pump models that meet the Consortium for Energy Efficiency's (CEE) highest efficiency tier will qualify for a federal tax credit. This tax credit is valid for up to $2,000 and covers 30% of the price you spent for your heat pump overall, including labor costs. It will be in effect until the end of 2032.

Heat pumps often don't last as long as furnaces and air conditioners because they are used year-round. Properly maintained heat pumps have a life span of 10-15 years on average.

One of the significant advantages of heat pump technology is how little maintenance a heat pump requires. However, here are some maintenance tips:

  • Clean outdoor coils
  • Replace the filters.
  • Remove any debris.
  • Keep snow at bay.
  • Have your heat pump inspected regularly.

Heat pumps are the most budget-friendly way to heat or cool your house during the chilly winter months or sweltering summers, yet operating them 24 hours a day is not a smart thing to do. When you're not using your heat pump, heat pump installation experts Clermont advise that you turn it off.