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Indoor Air Quality In Clermont, Winter Garden, Windermere, FL and Surrounding Areas

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We live in complex structures that have evolved, much like ourselves. As energy costs have grown, buildings have become more tightly sealed to improve efficiency. However, this comes at a price. Contact us today for the best Indoor Air Quality In Clermont, Winter Garden, Windermere, FL, and Surrounding Areas.

Indoor Air Quality

Because an average person spends most of their time indoors – 87 percent on average – indoor air quality is vital for optimum health. With homes taking in less fresh air than ever before, it’s much more essential than ever to keep your home’s air quality in good shape.

What is the Best Way to get Proper Air Ventilation?

Have you ever walked into a place that seemed stuffy? There may be simply too many people in a small place with little ventilation. A lack of ventilation can cause humidity levels to rise, making you feel you need to get some fresh air. So, to use your ventilation to control humidity, try these:

  • In the bathroom (particularly while showering) and the kitchen, turn on the ventilation fans frequently when using the stove. Consider letting stale air escape while fresh air is drawn in through natural leaking gaps or fresh air inlets.
  • Just keep in mind that this causes negative air pressure, and your home may also draw in soil gasses like radon. Allowing your home to inhale, on the other hand, can help to balance the pressure.
  • Consider the ideal ventilation for a home that functions similarly to a human – it breathes in and out. You’ll get the best results if you have fans that push in and exhaust airflow — a balanced airflow system.
  • Your home can breathe in using a window fan or a built-in fan device, creating positive pressure. It also can produce a high-pressure atmosphere that keeps hazardous substances at bay.
  • Stale air driven into wall and ceiling cavities, on the other hand, might cause moisture problems. It’s not beneficial for proper air circulation to have too much positive or negative pressure.

Issues with Indoor Air Quality

  • Pet dander: It is believed that 10% of the population is allergic to domestic pets. Nasal congestion, a runny nose, and sneezing are all symptoms of pet allergies.
  • Pollen: During allergy season, keep your windows and doors closed to keep pollen out of your home.
  • Mold in duct vents: Mold has become a problem, maybe more than any other known organic contaminant, due to how modern homes are constructed to maximize efficiency. Condensate from your air conditioner can cause mold to grow in or near your duct vents.
  • Dust mites: Dust mites reside in beds, pillows, and upholstered furniture, among other places.
  • Byproducts of combustion: Smoke and carbon monoxide are toxic to everyone. Third-hand smoke is a newer concept: residue from tobacco smoke particles that stick to people or pets, travel indoors, and pass through the HVAC system. Tobacco smoke compounds can spread through airflow from one room to another.

Regularly cleaning and replacing your HVAC system’s air filters is the most straightforward approach to improving indoor air quality. To enhance your facility’s interior air comfort, you should have an HVAC service company like Enginair Air & Refrigeration evaluate and repair your system yearly. Your facility will have fewer indoor air quality issues if your HVAC system is appropriately maintained regularly. To receive exceptional services, contact us today.

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