10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become a requirement in buildings, vehicles, and classrooms during the past decade. ACs are ubiquitous, appearing in many forms throughout our daily lives. When your AC malfunctions, don’t delay it and call the air conditioning repair in Clermont, FL, as soon as possible.

There have been many advancements in air conditioning technology throughout the past century. The air conditioners we use now are an improved and upgraded version of earlier models.

Top 10 Fun Facts About Air Conditioner

Read these intriguing informational facts about the invention of AC, some of which you may have never heard before.

Air Conditioner has Improved Life Expectancy

Doctors have made revolutionary strides in medicine with the help of air conditioning, including the creation of antibiotics, the reduction of infant mortality, the defeat of malaria, the treatment of cancer, the discovery of a cure for the common cold, and advancements in surgery.

The First Air Conditioner was Not Invented for Cooling Purposes

The original air conditioner wasn’t invented for comfort reasons. Willis Carrier designed a modern air conditioner in 1902 for a publishing company in New York that was encountering problems with ink control and paper expansion and contraction owing to fluctuating humidity levels.

The Summer Blockbuster

Businesses like movie theaters grew in the first half of the 20th century because of advancements in air conditioning. People crowded theaters in the 1930s to watch movies and enjoy the cool summer air. They released blockbuster movies in the summer to maximize profit, creating the term Summer Blockbuster.

The First Domestic Air Conditioner was Humongous

In 1914, the first air conditioner for a private residence was installed, and it measured more than 7 feet in height, 6 feet in width, and 20 feet in length. Despite its size, people were willing to spend anything from $10,000 to $50,000 for one.

The Spread of Air Conditioner After 1970

Most homes did not have air conditioning units until the 1970s. Before developments in technology, few individuals could afford an air conditioner in their homes. The 1970s saw the widespread adoption of central air conditioning.

A Chunk of Ice was the Earliest Air Conditioner Device

Before the invention of air conditioning, people would use massive chunks of ice to keep cool. The amount of ice required to attain the same cooling capacity was used to rate the performance of the earliest air conditioners.

Work was Shut during Summers before the Invention of Air Conditioner

Before air conditioning was widely available, many institutions would shut down for the summer or offer reduced hours so that employees could avoid the heat. Schools kept their summer break schedules even after air conditioning became commonplace.

Use of Air Conditioner in Automobile

In the late 20th century, cars were regularly equipped with air conditioning. The first automobile to feature factory-installed air conditioning was a 1940 Packard. As of 1969, air conditioning was standard in more than half of all new cars.

AC Dehumidifies your Home

Some air conditioners even offer a dry cooling mode that actively removes moisture from the indoor air. To remedy this, it draws in humid air from the room, heats it, and then returns it to the home when it is cooled. AC service in Clermont can explain this feature to you in more detail.

The First Air Conditioner in the White House

In 1930, during Herbert Hoover’s administration, the West Wing of the White House got its first air conditioning unit installed by the Carrier Engineering Company. Private chambers in the White House were given air conditioning during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency (1933).


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